Foundry Art

Bronze Tiles

Enhancing everyday life

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.”

Annie Dillard

The Quality of Daily Life

At Claremont Tile, we measure everything we do by how it improves the quality of daily life –
our lives here in the studio and your life at home.

That includes making the experience of buying our tiles easy, fun, and hassle-free.

Artistry + Reliability

Since we began making tiles in 1990, we have known that success depends on both our artistry and our reliability.

We are imaginative and free-thinking when it comes to designing our tiles, but when it comes to production, filling orders, and working with our customers, we are as grounded and steady as can be.

A Personal Spirit

We value the human connections that making tiles invites.

If you ever have a question, just call us! We are a famously friendly company dedicated to making your home and the experience of building it an enjoyable one. We are here for you! 

Metal Accent Tiles
Metal Accent Tiles

The Long View

In a world where things come and go too fast, we’ve chosen designs and materials with the long view in mind.

We hope what we make today will be just as beautiful in one-hundred years, especially since our tiles should exist well beyond then!

Holding one of our tiles for the first time is often an impressive experience

Solid bronze possesses a permanence you can feel

It’s weight and texture are unlike any other

The Quality of Timelessness

Metal Accent Tiles

Our Motto

Treat everyone at every turn with decency and dignity

Our company has earned a reputation for exceptionally friendly and reliable service. That’s because we hire exceptionally friendly and reliable people.

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Design Inspiration

Foundry Art bronze tiles provide the perfect compliment to stone, glass, wood, and porcelain.
Let the story continue in your home!

Making Foundry Art

Solid bronze forged in the heart of an ancient flame.

Making Foundry Art

Solid bronze forged in the heart of an ancient flame.