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Technical Information  ·  Talisman ceramic tile


  • No special maintenance required.
  • Clean as you would surrounding materials withcommon household cleaners.
  • If the tiles have been neglected, built-up dirt and grime can be cleaned with commercial stone cleaners. Even acid-based stone cleaners will not harm the tiles.


Ancient White – all-over, flowing glaze. Clay shows through the glaze on the design’s ridges.
Primal White – variegated glaze. Clay shows through the glaze in irregular markings.

Glaze variation

  • The clay shows through the glaze more on some tiles, less on others – especially with Primal White.
  • Within an order glazes will range from opaque to translucent, and from matte to crystalline.
  • The heat of our kilns deepens the clay’s color to varying degrees, like an oven browns a batch of cookies.
  • Computerized kiln controllers and carefully refined glazing techniques allow us produce tiles in a consistent range.
  • Oxides in the clay create random streaks and specks.
  • At the peak temperature of each firing, the glaze boils; as it cools, small bubbles are sometimes frozen in time.
  • Small crazing lines are often apparent and may become more visible over time.
  • Extent of the range suits the size of the order. (We look at the tiles in each order to ensure they exhibit an appealing range – neither too broad nor too narrow. As a rule, the smaller the order, the narrower the desirable range.)


  • Indoors in wet or dry locations, including shower stalls, tub surrounds, backsplashes and indoor pools and fountains.
  • Outdoors in temperate climates in wet or dry applications, including pools and fountains. 
  • Not frost proof.
  • Vertical applications only.


  • Stoneware clay
  • Matte, stone-like glazes. (Chemical make-up of glazes is similar to limestone and marble.)


  • Described as Actual
    6 x 6 in 6 x 6 in
    4 x 4 in 4 x 4 in
    2 x 6 in 1 7/8 x 6 in
    2 x 2 in 1 7/8 x 1 7/8 in
    1 x 6 in 7/8 x 6 in
    1 x 1 in 7/8 x 7/8 in
    9 Base of all tiles is 5
    /16 in thick.
    9 Tiles are handmade, so there is some variation in


  • For substrate and adhesive, follow the guidelines of the Tile Council of America. In most applications, thinset mortar is suitable. 
    Spacing: As close as possible, preferably an
    eighth-inch apart or less.
    9 Grout: off-white, sanded grout that closely
    matches glaze.
    9 Apply an invisible penetrating sealer/grout
    release before grouting.
    9 Clean all grout off the tiles before the grout
    dries. If there is any excess dried grout after
    installation, it can be removed with a chemical
    stone cleaner or stone stripper.
    9 After the installation is fully dry, seal the tiles
    and grout with an invisible penetrating sealer.