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Technical Information

  • Foundry Art bronze is extremely durable. Our tiles can be used in a wide variety of applications:

    • wall and floor
    • indoor and outdoor
    • wet and dry: kitchen backsplash, shower, steam shower, swimming pool (see Patina information)
    • residential and commercial
    • high-traffic locations

Recycled Content and Sustainability

Our cast bronze tiles consist entirely of 99% post-consumer recycled material. All of our tiles are made with an ecological awareness.

We do not use any toxic patina chemicals. The patina on Foundry Art bronze is entirely natural, created passively by the atmosphere surrounding the tiles.  

The molds for our cast bronze tiles are made of sand which is continuously cleaned and reused. The small amount of waste sand that is generated is reclaimed, cleaned, and sold as a consumer product.

No metal is wasted or discarded in manufacturing. Waste metal and finished tiles not meeting our quality standards are melted down and the metal is reused.

No off-gassing.

All packing cartons are recyclable.

“Cradle to Grave” impact: Upon ultimate demolition of a home or installation, Foundry Art tiles can be removed without breakage or harm, and reused or recycled.

Choosing Metal Tiles

A Word of Caution about Metal Accent Tiles

Please be careful when you choose metal tiles. Many tiles identified as bronze are not actually bronze.

Many metal tiles are made of pewter, a very soft metal which melts at a low temperature and scratches easily. Some pewter tiles may be identified as “bronze” because they have been plated with a thin layer of bronze.

Most “metal” tiles sold in big box stores and from mass online retailers contain little or no actual metal.

The so-called metal tiles that appear to be carved are typically lightweight plastic resin that has been colored with a powdered metal. These tiles are easy to identify because they are light weight and easily scratched. 

Most flat metal mosaic are simply a thin layer of metal or metal composite wrapped around or sprayed onto a plastic or ceramic base. You can identify these tiles by their backs, which reveal that they are mostly ceramic or plastic.

Foundry Art bronze tiles are 100% solid bronze, through and through, a difference you can see and feel.

Tear Sheet PDF

Email us

Call us
+1 773 784-2628